We spent four days in the absolutely amazing town of Breckenridge at the Peak One Campground.  The campground is part of the National Forest and is very pretty.  It’s actually located in Frisco, about 8 miles from Breckenridge, right along the Dillon Reservoir.  The lots are huge, but there are no electricity or water. hookups.  That shouldn’t have been a problem because our water tank holds 70 gallons of fresh water and we have a generator.  However, for some reason, our generator did not work so we had no electricity other than lights.  Nevertheless, we were never in the camper during the day when it was warm and at night the temperature dropped into the high 50’s.

IMG 9903 2

The first evening we just walked along Main Street in Breckenridge and ate at Eric’s Downstairs.  The pizza was very good!

On Thursday we rode our bicycles for 6.25 along  a bike path that went from our campground into Frisco and back.  In the evening we met Adrienne and Will at a music concert at the Frisco Historical Park.

IMG 9794

When we got back to Big Hat, we made a campfire, roasted marshmallows and made s’mores.

IMG 9795

Epic Discovery Park

On Friday we spent the entire day at Epic Discovery.  To get there we rode the free town gondola up the mountain.  We bought an unlimited ride pass for Ben and chose a three-ride ticket for Tom and me.  As soon as we got there we rode the ski lift up the mountain to ride the alpine slide back down.IMG 9811

Next, we stood in line to ride the coaster.

Ben of coaster

IMG 0484

There was a huge mountain of snow piled high to play in, and we enjoyed sliding down on it.
IMG 9893

Here goes Ben!

IMG 9894

Next was Tom


But my ride down was the most exciting

IMG 6755Ben climbed many sides of the rock wall from easy to difficult. 

While Ben enjoyed riding the rides and climbing the rock wall, Tom and I rode the final ski lift higher and then hiked near the top of the mountain.  In some places there was still snow on the mountain and on the path.  It was an absolutely great hike with beautiful vistas.  We hiked and walked 5.5 miles!

IMG 4565

IMG 9837

IMG 4568Late in the afternoon I went with Tom to get his hair cut while Ben finished out the day on top of the mountain at the Epic Discovery Park. The hairdresser discovered someone had taken her phone. It was a new iPhone and she was so upset—naturally. I showed her how to sign into Find my Phone on my phone and we locked her phone and put the phone number at her shop for someone to call if they found her phone. I could see where her phone was located on the map and it was only a few blocks from her shop. Tom and I walked to where her phone was located while I was continually beeping her phone. We walked in the store where the app said the phone was and I could hear it making the ringing sound. ( mind you it had a phone number to call if anyone found it right on the lock screen). I asked the guy for the phone and he handed it to me while saying it had been making noise for thirty minutes. I called the owner at the number we had put on the lock screen and walked the phone back to her at her shop. She was so grateful!

Moral of this story is to make sure you have the Find My Phone turned on in your phone and know how to use it!!!! I have found my phone on three different occasions in the past five years with the help of that app.

Peak One Campground, Frisco Bicycle Park

There is an awesome bicycle park in this campground where Ben and some other campers rode there bikes in the evening.  I asked him to stay on the easy trails because I didn’t want him to get hurt since he had never riden his bike on those types of trails.  There were many young adults riding and jumping ten or so feet in the air about each hill.  Very interesting to watch!

Ben on bike2