Hart Ranch

We arrived at Hart Ranch and were assigned space 33.  As soon as we were plugged in and set up, Ben took off on his bicycle to meet some new friends.  He spent the afternoon and evening riding on the BMX bike trail, playing foosball and air hockey at the recreation center and swimming at the pool.  Tom and I walked and rode our bicycles around Hart Ranch before and after dinner.  In the evening Tom and I sat in the jacuzzi while Ben swam.

Custer State Park

Sunday morning we drove to Custer State Park hopping to see bison, donkeys and prairie dogs along the roads within the park (which we didn’t see). We did, however, see a few deer.  We drove The Wildlife Loop with no wildlife sightings other than a few deer and some birds.IMG 9035

We then drove the Needles Highway within the park which had three narrow tunnels that we drove through.  We stopped at several places to hike on the rocks.

IMG 9036

Iron Creek Tunnel

IMG 9040

IMG 9044

IMG 9053Needles Eye TunnelIMG 9062

We topped at Sylvan Lake where we ate lunch.  Tom walked the trail halfway around the lake while Ben and I kayaked on the lake.

IMG 4403

IMG 9084

IMG 9086



IMG 9094

IMG 9096