Nebraska City

We arrived in Nebraska City from Kansas City last evening.  We had to detour from I-29 to US 75 because the bridge from I-29 into Nebraska City is still closed because of the recent flooding in the midwest.  We stayed in the Victoria Acres RV Park which is a beautiful park with lots of trees.  

The town of Nebraska City is a gorgeous city.  The downtown area is enhanced with hanging baskets of flowers along the sidewalks, nice street lamps, vintage painted signs on the sides of buildings, and painted trees in front of many buildings.  The population is 7,289

This morning we went to the Missouri River Basin Lewis and Clark Visitor Center which was small scale, but interesting.  We watched a movie about the Lewis and Clark expedition,walked around and looked at all the exhibits and then walked on all the trails around the complex.IMG 8635

Full size replica of the Keelboat

IMG 8781

Meriweather Lewis’ Newfoundland dog Seaman made the trip with them.  Although the men ate over 200 dogs along the way to keep from starving, Seaman protected the men from bears and other animals and retrieved large game they shot.

IMG 8630

IMG 8634

I’m not good with selfies, but I liked the sign.

IMG 8629

Full size replica of a Plains Indian home lived in by three or four generations.  These dwellings lasted as long as twenty years.IMG 8628

Arbor Day Farms

Our second stop of the day was to Arbor Day Farm.  The birthplace of Arbor Day, it is a National Historic Landmark.  We spent several hours walking on the various trails of the 260 acre farm and stopping to play along the way.

IMG 8657

IMG 8642

Tom and Ben climbed through the obstacle course while I walked through the wooded side pictured below.

IMG 8643

IMG 8647

Interesting slice of a tree on display.  It would make a perfect coffee table base!

IMG 8637

There are painted trees with this shape all over Nebraska City.  This one says, “Do you see the forest or the trees?”

Steinhart Park Swimming Pool

While I walked through town and took pictures of different painted trees, Tom and Ben spent the remainder of the day at this nice city swimming pool.  Although it had a lazy river (for Tom) and two big slides, Ben spent the day going off the high diving board.


IMG 8695


IMG 8723

The vintage signs painted on the side of buildings in the downtown section of town.

IMG 8769

IMG 8768

IMG 8773

IMG 8767

…And finally, the painted trees decorating the town

IMG 8782

Each tree had four painted sides, but this is the only one where I photographed all four sides.  The name is “Elements of the Season”

IMG 4213

The oooh-aaah tree

IMG 8756

Growth Rings

IMG 8758Silver Hue

IMG 8770Spring Awakening in Blue

IMG 4211