This morning we awoke to find a beautiful day in Wilhelmina Bay.  The sun was shining, there was no wind and the water was calm.  We had our group picture taken on Deck 9 and then took our final cruising at 11:15.  

IMG 1410

IMG 6265

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IMG 6311

Weddell Seal

IMG 7541

IMG 7549

IMG 6334


The movie is of a humpback whale swimming beside our ship.

IMG 7569

This was the whaling ship Guvernøren that caught fire in 1915 and was run aground in order to rescue the men and supplies.  There were no fatalities. 

Thursday Evening

IMG 3544

Tabular Iceberg - 1,600 feet long.  180 feet high.  This broke off from the Larsen Ice Shell.

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