Today was our third landing and the weather was perfect!  Our time to go ashore today was 9:15.  We were told that 4800 penquins live on this island and we were certainly not disappointed when we arrived.  There were gentoo penguins everywhere!!!IMG 6162

Everyday we go ashore, the expedition crew from the ship brings enough provisions for the people that go onto the island to stay for 24 hours in case they can’t get us back to the ship:  blankets, tents, food, “chamber pot,” etc.

IMG 5989

As though being on the island wasn’t exciting enough, Tom got a zoomed image of the captain performing a wedding ceremony.  Talk about a
destination wedding!
IMG 6174

IMG 1140

The bride and groom with penguins as the witnesses.

IMG 5978

IMG 6182

IMG 6196

IMG 5998

IMG 6003

Afternoon cruising

Our afternoon cruise was in the bay among icebergs.  Very spectacular.

IMG 6091

IMG 6141

IMG 6174

This iceberg looks like a drive in movie screen.  I wonder what is playing tonight?  March of the Penguis???

During this afternoon cruise in our Zodiac one group saw a Emperor Penguin (we did not).  The expedition leader has been doing trips here for 10 years and has never seen one—and she was not part of the group that saw one today.

Evening pictures from the ship

We are spending the night in Paradise Cove.  Notice how smooth the water is!

IMG 6197

This is the Argentina research station called Brown Station.  They have not arrived yet for the summer season.

IMG 6193