We got off the ship at 8:30 and had a THREE hour bus ride into Paris.  We had pre-scheduled a private tour of the Louvre and were to meet the guide at the statute of Louis XIV on his horse which is by the entrance.  We were running late on our arrival and luckily the guide was running late also.  We had a fantastic tour!  Apparently the Louvre wasn’t nearly as crowded as normal, so we were able to move around without crowds.IMG 4572

Tom at the Louvre

When in Rome, do as the Romans.  Since we were in Paris, Tom did what the young tourists were doing.IMG 4575 2



The first “selfie”  created when his sword broke off!


The ceiling, walls and floors of the Louvre are just as magnificent as the artwork within.



IMG 5636


Venus de MiloIMG 5624

IMG 9910

Look very closely…the Eiffel Tower is right above my head!

It was a three hour bus ride back to the ship and when we got back to the port at L’Havre, it was raining really hard.  This was no covered entry from the terminal to the ship so the ship’s staff was standing in a long line with big umbrellas to keep us dry and welcome us back.  As we got back on the ship  a crew member was welcoming us with warmed, moist clothes to wipe our hands and face—such a nice treat!