Friday, August 24th

We met long time Lake Charles friends Celina and Marion Perry who now live in Denver at the Village Inn for a late brunch and a great visit.IMG 3975

By the time we got back from eating, Darien and Licia were up.  They didn’t get home from Hawaii until 2;00AM.  We spent the afternoon visiting and then walked to the White Fence Farm, where we’ve eaten together for the last three years when we’ve visited. After dinner we walked to Millie’s Ice Cream Parlor for some dessert.  We walked almost four miles roundtrip so we burned at least a few of the calories from

IMG 3980

Saturday, August 25

This morning we walked to the new park near Darien and Licia’s house and played ping pong on the new outside ping pong table.  We did it again after dinner.  The new park was so nice and the outside ping pong table was great.  It was made from concrete, but the top was very smooth and the net was metal.  The ball bounced just like it does on a regular table.  This would be a great addition to our subdivision—except we’d have to use it in the winter because we’d be ringing wet if we tried to use it in the summer.

IMG 4499

IMG 3853

in the afternoon Felicia and I went to see the musical Waistwatchers which was funny, but a little too long.

IMG 3992

Sunday, August 26

We played seven more games of ping pong at the park before hooking up the car and starting our trip east.  We drove to Hays, Kansas before stopping for the night at 7:15 pm at the Walmart parking lot.  I will say that it was much more exciting driving north that it is heading back across the flat, hot plains.

Trip Statistics:

  • We drove 345 miles today in the RV and are now at 12,261 miles so far on this trip.
  • We bought gas for $2.649 a gallon and now have spent a total of $4,173.75
  • Campground cost is $2668.16 for an average of 29.65 per night.