This morning we drove from Kaycee to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our plan was to tour the state capital only to find out that it is totally closed for remodeling. So...we decided to walk to Baskin Robbins and find some of Cheyenne's These Boots are Made for Talking 8' painted boots along the way. It started raining during our 2.5 mile walk and was 57 degrees (brrrh!), but I was determined to get pictures of some of the boots.


Wyoming State Capital - closed for remodeling.

Cheyenne’s "These Boots Were Made for Talking” 

These painted boots were a joint project of the Cheyenne Depot Museum Foundation and the Downtown Development Authority.  The boots were sponsored by local businesses and cautioned at a fundraiser.  

There are 25 boots, but we only walked in the rain long enough to photograph six of them. Each boot was painted by a local artist.  The theme of the project for the artists was “If this boot could talk, what sort would it tell?” The audio tour can be accessed at 307-316-0067 to hear just what each artist had to say.

IMG 3947

Governors of Wyoming
IMG 3948

Milestones: Chamber 100th AnniversaryIMG 3949

Where the Deer and the Antelope Play

IMG 3950

Downtown Cheyenne
IMG 3951

Don’t Fee the AnimalsDSC03994

Licensed to Boot

Terry Bison Ranch

Then we drove to Terry Bison Ranch where we are staying for the night and got to see ostriches, llamas, alpacas, pigs, horses, peacocks, goats, camels and fed the bison during a train ride. After being in the national parks and being warned to stay away from the bison, we were amazed how gentle these bison were. They didn't even grab the food, but rather waited for us to give it to them.

The Terry Ranch is 27,500 acres and is located south of Cheyenne, Wyoming and stretch into Colorado. It is the third largest bison meat producer in the US.


While we were registering at the RV Park at Terry Bison Ranch, I took the opportunity to ride the bison!DSC04003

Tom was riding the jackalop


We took a train ride around the ranch and fed the buffalo from the train.


M feeding the bison

IMG 5397



IMG 5407

M feeding ostrich