Cardston, Alberta Mormon Temple

This morning we went to the Visitor’s Center of the Cardston Mormon Temple and watched a short slide presentation of it being built.  It was completed in 1923 and was the first Mormon temple in Canada.IMG 3789

IMG 3790

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is located on the Canadian side of Glacier National Park. While we were still on that side of the border, we decided to drive into that side of the park. The scenery is magnificent, but the haze was so thick I could not get good pictures.DSC03538


IMG 3793

The view from the back of the Prince of Wales Lodge


The back of the lodge.

IMG 3794


Can you imagine how beautiful this view would be on a clear day?

We are back in the lower 48!


We crossed the border back into the United States at 3:00 today after spending 58 days above the lower 48 states!


We are now in Montana.

Glacier National Park

We are staying at the Johnson’s of St. Mary Campground right outside the east entrance to Glacier National Park.  We drove five miles into the park this evening on the Going to the Sun Road, but plan to drive the entire road tomorrow .  It is very hazy.




St Mary Lake

Trip Statistics

  • We drove 81 miles in the RV and 22 miles in the CRV.  Total trip mileage is now 10,589.
  • We paid $3.449 for gas today in St. Mary’s.  Total gas expense is now $3,720.32.
  • Our campground tonight is $52.24.  Total campground cost is now $2,194.98.