We left Iskut at 9:00AM and drove the Cassiar Highway (Hwy 37) to Meziadan Lake Provincial Campground where we parked the motorhome.  We then drove Hwy 37A which winds through scenic Bear Creek Canyon from Meziadan Lake down to Stewart, BC (population 400) and Hyder, Alaska (population 100).  We enjoyed the beautiful vistas of the magnificent Coast Range Mountains, with glaciers and cascading waterfalls. 

DSC03215We enjoyed the wildflowers that were blooming on the side of the road.DSC03218

The beautiful view from our campsite at The Meziadan Lake Provincial CampgroundDSC03217

The views along the road to Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska


Bear Glacier on Highway 37A


Cascading waterfall along the side of the road

Stewart, BC views

 Once we arrived in Stewart we stopped at the Visitor’s Center and picked up a brochure about the sights we needed to see.  We learned that Stewart is Canada’s most northerly, ice free port.  We started off walking a short distance on the boardwalk over the bird estuary, but there were no birds to view.





Across the Bear River is cut lumber waiting for transport.


IMG 3659

Downtown Stewart

IMG 3660

We took a drive from Stewart to Hyder, Alaska (which is only a few blocks) and then back to British Columbia.  We weren’t stopped at the border going into Alaska, but we stopped at the border going back into British Columbia for a passport check.


Our “Welcome to Alaska” sign.DSC03239

By the time we entered British Columbia the road turned to dirt and rock.


Salmon Glacier is the world’s largest road accessible glacier.



IMG 5075

Look carefully and see the salmon in the crystal clear stream.


Trip Statistics

  • We drove 157 miles in the motorhome and 117 miles in the Honda today.  That’s a trip total of 9,023 miles so far.
  • We purchased gas today at a cost of $4.387 a gallon.  Trip total for gas so far is $3,102.35.
  • Our beautiful campsite tonight at the Mezialan Lake Provincial Campground is $16.72 USD ($22 CAN).