This morning we turned off the Alaska Highway near Watson Lake onto the Cassiar Highway.  The first sign we saw was “South to Alaska.  Bear Glacier 636 km,  Stewart BC 666 km, Hyder, AK 669 km”DSC03154


Today’s route was the blue line to Iskut.  We turned off the Alaska Highway to follow this route, called the Cassiar Highway, and will ultimately drive to Prince Rupert, but will make a side trip to Stewart and Hyder, Alaska. This highway has no shoulder, no center line and is not quite a full two lane road, and we will be driving on it for 450 miles! The first twenty miles of the road we drove through burned out forest area, then we started seeing beautiful green trees and mountains.

IMG 5042

She was in the road when we first saw her, but she ran up the side of this mountain as we got closer.  We noticed that she is wearing some sort of tracking device (and she was in the middle of nowhere!)

IMG 5044

She and her kid were running away from us.DSC03188

This black bear cub and it’s mama were right beside the road when we first spotted them.DSC03186

Mama bear is taking the time to smell the flowers.

IMG 5051

Close up of the little cubeDSC03195

Sites along the way.DSC03180


The hiking path in the Mountain Shadow RV Park where we are staying.


The trail’s destination

IMG 3657

Day is done…

Trip Statistics

  • We are staying at the Mountain Shadow RV Park for $29.64 USD ( $39 CAN).  Total campground cost so far is $1,927.42, or an average of $30.59 per night.
  • We drove 154 miles today. Our total  trip mileage 8,749 miles.