We left Whitehorse around 10:30 and drove 253 miles to Nugget City, near Watson Lake.  We are staying at the Baby Nugget RV Park where we have no phone or data reception.  

Sights along the wayDSC03108



A bridge at a rest area that was build in 1910 (and now closed to vehicular traffic)


On our drive today these clumps of dandelions were all along the road.  I never saw them in big circles like this in the lower 48.




Our campsite for tonight

Trip Statistics

  • The campground was $34.20 in USD ($45 CAN). Which makes the total be $1897.78, or an average of $30.61 per night.
  • We purchased gas today at $4.152 per gallon.  The total spent on gas so far is $2,949.19.
  • Total miles driven so far on the trip is 8,555.