We booked a tour on the Lu-lu Belle, a beautiful tour vessel with teak and mahogany woods and beautiful oriental rugs that takes small groups on day-long tours from Valdez into Prince William Sound.  Captain Fred Rodolf did a wonderful job of getting us close to wildlife, icebergs and the Columbia Glacier, the second-largest tidewater glacier in North America and largest in Prince William Sound. Every day, 13 million tons of ice break off the face of it, leaving chunks in the water that are often twice as big as the boat.  He’s been doing this tour for 40 years and narrates along the way with very interesting information while he steers the boar. The tour was nine hours long, with wildlife viewing along the way. Captain Fred took us within one-fourth mile of the Columbia Glacier and we stayed there for over an hour while he showed us an up-close 270-degree view of glacier ice that’s 200 to 400 feet tall.IMG 3611

The Lu-Lu Belle is the ship near where people are standingIMG 4881

IMG 4862

IMG 4865

We saw rafts of sea otters swimming along side the boat


We passed fishing boats along the way.

IMG 4902

Sea LionsDSC02938


Got a glimpse of a whale tailDSC03037

Seals resting on an iceberg as we passed

IMG 4970


IMG 4975

Usually only one-tenth of an iceberg is visible above the water.IMG 4963

IMG 4980

This is the Columbia Glacier, the second largest in North America and the largest in Prince William Sound.  We were four miles from the glacier when I took this picture.

IMG 4999

As we got closer to the glacier the Captain was steering around icebergs and through chunks of ice.DSC03071

Look how huge this glacier is compared to this vessel in front of it!

IMG 4991


IMG 3588

It was a fantastic day!!