Seward Highway

We drove the Seward Highway from Anchorage to Portage where we camped at the Portage Valley RV and Cabins.  The Seward Highway is an absolutely beautiful drive—the views are even more magnificent than Denali National Park. The highway ran along Cook Inlet and there were magnificent jagged mountains with glaciers on the op
posite side.   We stopped at Turnagain Arm Trail and hiked a little and then stoped at McHugh Creek and hiked some more.  We stopped at Beluga Point where beluga whales often come in with the tide, but we did not see any. Our last stop was at Windy Point where Dall sheep are up high near the mountain peeks, but we didn’t see any of them either.

IMG 3372

IMG 0014

Turnagain Arm Trail


IMG 0024

Mchugh Creek hike

IMG 0053

IMG 0072

Windy Point view

IMG 0097

Windy Point

IMG 0062

IMG 0077

Alyeska Resort Tram and glacier hike

After we parked the motorhome at the RV Park, we drove to the Alyeska Resort where we rode the tram to the top of Mt. Alyeska and then hike the trail from there up to the glacier.  

IMG 3283

From the top we could see Penquin Glacier, Ragged Top Glacier, Crow Glacier, Goat Glacier, Eagle Glacier and then we hiked to Alyeska Glacier.

IMG 3281

Instead of riding the tram we could have hiked up, but we opted for the easier choice.

IMG 4483

The view behind us as we are walking up to the glacier.

IMG 4481

Alyeska Glacier

Tom and Mary on Aylesca Glacier

It was so cool to be standing on a glacier in the middle of the summer.

IMG 0165

It was actually easier to hike up this trail to the glacier than it was to come back down!

Portage Valley RV Park

IMG 0193

This is our view from the campground.  There are rugged snow topped mountains us.

IMG 0223

Look carefully and you will see a BEAVER pulling this plant across the lake to put in his house.

IMG 0213

IMG 3307

This beaver needs to go see a dental hygienist to get his teeth cleaned.

IMG 3304We did a lot of walking today.  

Trip Statistics:

  • We drove the RV 43 miles and drove the car 93 miles.  Total combined mileage so far is 7,023 miles.
  • Portage Valley RV Park is $45.  Total spent on campgrounds is $1,515.35, or an average of 30.31 per night.
  • Gas was $3.279 per gallon today.  The total spent of gas to date is $2,405.51, or .34 per mile.