It was raining when we woke up this morning and continued raining all morning.  It seemed like the perfect time to go to the laundrymat and wash all our clothes.  By noon, the sun was out and it remained nice the rest of the day.IMG 3251

We went to the Federal building across from the Visitor’s Center and watch some excellent movies:  Alaska’s Coolest Animals, Alaska’s Wild Legacy, The Day the Earth Shook, Gold FeverIMG 3252Afterwards, we went back to Earthquake Park and walked the trail.

IMG 3249

IMG 3247

Tom read about a chocolate factory called the Alaska Wild Berry Products, so of course, we drove over there to check it out.IMG 3241

IMG 3239

Before we left we had a few yummy samples.  I also had a slice of chocolate covered bacon and some peanut butter fudge.  Tom had ice cream and and some dark chocolate candies.

IMG 3242