Today was an absolutely amazing day in Denali! We hiked three different trails that were beautiful and saw a female moose with her calf in a lake, a beaver dam and a beaver swimming and some gorgeous sites.  Plus, it was a gorgeous day and we hiked 7.3 miles!!

IMG 4282

IMG 4286

Moose eat from the bottom of ponds.

IMG 3145

(moose) calf


IMG 4309

impressive beaver dam

IMG 4310

A beaver swimming in the lake.  Interesting fact:  the beavers spend the summer here cutting down trees and burying all the branches at the bottom of the lake below their dam.  In the winter the lake is frozen solid and they have no way to get out, so they feed off the wood they buried at the bottom.

IMG 3182

We hiked hundreds of steps to climb back up after hiking around the lake on the Horseshoe Lake Trail (of course we walked down them to start the hike!)

IMG 4268

Here’s where we started our hike on the Savage Alpine Trail

IMG 4258

Looking down on the parking lot from the Savage Alpine Trail

IMG 3116

Path on the Savage River Loop

IMG 3109


IMG 3114

Tom is that speck on top of the hill.

IMG 4264

This is me from the bottom of the hill.

IMG 3103

This is the INSIDE of a bathroom door.  Heavily reenforced to keep the bears out!

IMG 2306

Look who came to dinner!  This cow and calf moose were right outside our camper door for HOURS!

IMG 3184


IMG 3185