We left Nenana late this morning and arrived in Denali National Park around 1:00.  We are staying in the Riley Creek Campground right in Denali National Park and it’s only $15 a night since we are senior citizens.  There are no hook ups for water or electricity, but we are allowed to run the generator from 6:00-8:00 in the evenings and 8:00-10:00 in the mornings.

The public is only allowed to drive into the park for the first 15 miles, so we drove as far as we could and then turned around and went to the dog sled kennels.   We listened to a very informative talk by a park ranger about the importance of the dogs in the park.  Since Denali is a National Wildlife Wilderness, there are many places where no motorized vehicles are allowed.

The dog sleds carried all the supplies needed to built the suspension bridge pictured below.  In fact, 13 TONS of materials!

IMG 4084

IMG 4103

Pictures taken through the windshield while driving between Nenana and Denali


IMG 3042

IMG 3044

IMG 6846

Denali Dog Sled Kennels

IMG 6858

IMG 4116


IMG 6862

IMG 6880

The dogs love to run!  IMG 6916

Triple Lakes Trail

We hiked the Triple Lakes Trail from the Visitor’s Center to the suspension bridge and back.

IMG 3046

IMG 3048

IMG 6930

Why did the moose cross the street??  Because he owns it and everyone will STOP!

IMG 6934

IMG 3047

IMG 4141

Look what we saw from the suspension bridge: The Alaskan RR bringing the Holland American tourists into Denali.

Trip Statistics:

  • We drove 65 miles in the motorhome and 30 miles in the car today.  Our total mileage so far is 6,460 miles
  • Riley Creek Campground is $15 per night.  We have spent $1,318.85 total on campgrounds or an average of 29.97 per night
  • $45.49 in gas today at $3.32 per gallon.  Total cost for gas so far has been $2,236.72.  That makes a cost of $.346 per mile.
  • Sunrise was at 4:06AM and sunset will be at 11:53PM