Since we were in North Pole, Alaska, we thought it would be mandatory that we visit the Santa Claus House.  It’s just a souvenir shop, but we had our picture taken with Santa-both inside and outside of the shop.IMG 2856

IMG 2863

Museum of the North at the University of Alaska

After lunch  Bob and Gladys Carter  went to the University of Alaska to tour the Museum of the North with us.  The museum’s exhibits are the best introduction to Alaska’s diverse wildlife, people and landscapes.

IMG 2875

IMG 2867

IMG 2870

Pioneer Park

The park commemorates early Alaskan history with multiple museums and historic displays on site.

IMG 2879

IMG 2880


Trip Statistics 

  • We drove 60 miles in the CRV while the camper stayed parked. 6,233 miles total
  • We stayed at the Riverview RV Park in North Pole for $45.86 per night
  • Sunrise was at 3:31AM and sunset will be at 12:17AM