We left our campground this morning and drove to Miles Canyon where we hiked across a suspension bridge and along the water’s edge for 1.5 miles.  Then we drove into town and filled up with gas before driving to Tahkini Hot Springs Campground.  After parking and plugging in at the campground, we drove to Yukon Wildlife Refuge where we walk 3.4 miles to see the animals. 

Miles Canyon

IMG 3693The Miles Canyon Suspension Bridge

IMG 6473

The emerald color of the water is absolutely gorgeousIMG 3688

When the sun goes behind the clouds, the colors are dramatic

IMG 6476

IMG 3703

Here’s a view of Miles Canyon from the overlook

Yukon Wildlife Preserve

We saw lynx, mountain goats, artic fox, caribou, muskox, thinhorn sheep, moose, mule deer and bison.

IMG 6505


IMG 6543


IMG 6546

IMG 6565


IMG 6575

and TOM!

Tahkini Hot Springs

Takhini Hot Pools is one of the most visited locations in the Yukon. The hot springs have been in operation for over 100 years. The temperature in the hot springs pools are 96.8 and 107.6, with water entering the pool at 116.6
degrees. The water is natural and rich in minerals .

IMG 2400

T M Tahkini Hot Springs


IMG 2407

As you can see, the outside temperature was 59 degrees.  In the pool Tom was in, the temperature was 107.6 degrees.  It was 8:00PM when we were here.

Trip Statistics

  • We drove 23 miles in the motorhome and 36 in the Honda for a total of 5,394 miles so far this trip.
  • We filled the motorhome up with gas at $4.165 a gallon (USD) -$130.24.  Total cost  so far is $1,846.75
  • We are staying at the Takhini Hot Springs Campground $35 (CAN) -$26.51 USD.  Total campground cost so far is $1,011.86 with an average cost of $28.91 per night.
  • Sunrise this morning was 4:34AM and sunset is at 11:34PM