It was a beautiful day and 57 degrees when we left Tahkinia Hot Springs Campground to start our drive on the Klondike Highway to Dawson City.  It’s amazing how wonderful temperatures in the mid 50’s feel when the sun is out.

After driving the first 103 miles, we stopped in Carmacks and walked 2.5 miles on the city’s boardwalk along the Yukon river.  

Our next stop, not too far from Carmacks, was at the Five Fingers Overlook so named for the 5 channels, or fingers, formed by rock pillars in the Yukon River.  It was a navigational hazard back when there was steamer traffic on the river and the safest passage was through the channel closest to the overlook.  We just stopped long enough for a photo and passed up the opportunity to walk down the approximately 220 steps to get to the lower point for viewing the rapids.

After driving another 107 miles, we stopped at the Moose Creek Lodge. I had a delicious rhubarb tart and then we finished the final 95 miles into Dawson City where we are staying for the next three days.

In Dawson City we walked a few blocks from the campground and ate dinner at Jack London’s where I had a delicious bison pop pie and salad.  Afterwards, we went to a music and can can show at Diamond Tooth Gertie’s.

IMG 2412

IMG 2395

Our campsite at the Tahkini Hot Springs Campground

IMG 6583

IMG 6605

Views along the Klondike Highway 

IMG 2413

Carmacks has a population of 539 and is located on the Yukon River, the only bridge crossing the river between Whitehorse and Dawson City.  Carmacks was once an important stop for Yukon River steamers between Whitehorse and Dawson City.  It has survived as a service stop for travelers traveling along the highway.

IMG 2415

It was a beautiful day in Carmacks!

IMG 6612

We walked on the boardwalk along the Yukon River

IMG 2414

Colorful illustration that makes the town look more fascinating than it really is!

IMG 6616

Five Fingers

Moose Creek Lodge

Moose Creek Collage

We stopped for a quick break at Moose Creek.  This place is absolutely in the middle of nowhere, but since that’s the case, it’s a good place to stop.  I had a delicious fresh rhubarb tart.  We pulled in right as a Holland America Tour Bus was pulling out.  Good timing on our part!

Dawson City

IMG 2659

IMG 2432

IMG 2466

IMG 2585

IMG 2628

When we were walking down the streets in Dawson City tonight, we noticed that many of the houses have a ladder on the roof.  I can’t imagine what the ladder is for because clearly this ladder would not be safe for use.

Trip Statistics

  • We drove 321 in the motorhome today and none in the Honda, for a total of 5,715 miles so far.
  • We are staying at the Goldrush RV Park in downtown Dawson City - $53.00 CAN or $40.22 USD for an average of $29.22 per night.
  • Sunrise this morning in Whitehorse was 4:36am and sunset in Dawson City will be at12:39AM.