It was a beautiful morning when we woke up in Telsin this morning.  My phone says that sunrise this morning was at 4:28AM at it was 49 degrees.  We left the campground this morning at 10:15 for our 111 drive to Whitehorse.IMG 2224

IMG 2226

On the way out of town (or 3.6 miles from the campground per yesterday’s walk), we stopped for one more photo opportunity of the Totem Poles at the Heritage Center.

IMG 2230

We stopped at Johnson’s Crossing, one of the original lodges on the Alaskan Highway, for a delicious cinnamon roll and to take a picture of the Teslin Bridge.  This bridge is the third longest span on the highway.  It was constructed with a very high clearance to allow steamers of the British Yukon Navigation Company to transport goods from Whitehorse to Teslin.  Ironically, once the bridge was built the transportation of goods by water ceased. 

IMG 2231

IMG 2232

IMG 2218

Our route today along the Alaska Highway

IMG 6309

IMG 6313

Whitehorse, YK

Whitehorse is the capital of Yukon and serves as the center for transportation, communications and supplies for Yukon.  The population is 26,418 which seems like a huge city when compared to the one and two block towns we’ve stayed in to get here.  We spent the afternoon walking around downtown, visiting the tourist center and touring  the log cabin church.  Afterwards we went grocery shopping at Walmart and their “real” grocery store Save More.

IMG 2234

A Yukon Skyscraper

IMG 2235

Old Log Church Museum

IMG 2239

IMG 2241

Colorful Crosswalk in Whitehorse

IMG 2246

White Pass & Yukon Train Station in Whitehorse

IMG 2245

IMG 2253

There were THIRTY RVs in the Whitehorse Walmart Parking at 7:00 tonight.  I wonder how many arrived after we counted them???

Trip Statistics

  • We are staying in the Hi Country RV Park in Whitehorse for $23.89 
  • We drove 104 miles in the motorhome and 11 miles in the Honda.  Our trip total is now 5,323.