We woke this morning to sunshine and beautiful blue skies and a temperature of 53.  Even though we weren’t awake to see it, sunrise was at 4:12 am.  After breakfast we took a 2.5 mile stroll around Rye Lake, and then came back to the campground and did the laundry.IMG 3481

IMG 2164

IMG 2175

IMG 3497

IMG 2174

IMG 3493

Check out this beautifully marked cat!

After lunch we drove to the Watson Lake Airport to read about the area’s history. Neither Tom nor I realized that the US  government gave Russia 5,000 airplanes to defend against the invasion of Germany under a Lend-Lease program in WW2.   Just like every other program that involves governments, there was more given than just airplanes.

IMG 2179

IMG 2180

and finally, a story about a miracle landing...

IMG 2177

…and a miracle survival

IMG 2178

The sun is scheduled to set at 11:02pm tonight.

Trip statistics 

Today we drove 20 miles in the car for a total combined mileage of 5,044 miles.

We are staying for the second night at the Downtown RV Park in Watson Lake at a cost of $36.49 US ($48,50 CAN). The total cost for campgrounds so far is $887.91 or an average of $29.50 per night.