Fort Nelson, British Columbia

We left the campground at 9:15 and arrived in Ft. Nelson, British Columbia around noon. 

IMG 1625

IMG 1660


T M Ft Nelson

We toured this museum and watched another documentary of the 1942 building of the Alaskan Highway which forever changed this part of Canada. 

IMG 1659

IMG 1654

Can you guess what kind of pan this is (in the oven)?

IMG 1649

It’s a pan for baking bread—with the slices already marked

IMG 1647

This is the bathroom of a house built in 1943 and used by the Hudson Bay Trading Company.  It was the first home to have inside plumbing—sort of!

IMG 1648

Check out that fancy kitchen faucet!

IMG 1651

Can you find the toy that doesn’t belong to this era???IMG 1661

Very nice sports complex across from campground that is available for use

IMG 1665Since we are living in our motorhome for three months during this journey, I decided to share some inside shots of our  very comfortable space.

Trip Statistics

  • We drove 120 miles in the motorhome today for a trip total of 4,697 total mileage.
  • Gas was $4.06 per gallon  ( $1.429 CAN per liter) -  ($1,529 so far for both vehicles)  We are experiencing a favorable exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Canadian dollar at approximately. 1 Canadian dollar = .75 USD.
  • Tonight we are staying at the Triple G Rv Park in Ft. Nelson, BC for  33.89 USD ($45.00 CAN)  Our campground total is 795.02 USD for an average cost of $29.45 a night.