This was the first morning of our trip where we awoke to rain.  We left Grand Cache at 11:00am; it was 64 degrees and raining.  

Grand Cache

When we were in the middle of NOWHERE - 75 miles north of Grand Cache, we saw a FOOD Truck on the side of the road selling hamburgers and drinks.  There is a timber cutting industry in this area, so we have seen huge trucks hauling the timber.  Most of the trucks we’ve seen are pulling double loads in this very mountainous area. By 1:00 it was dry, but cloudy. 

We drove through Grand Prairie at 1:45 and were surprised to see the town of 68,556 is perfectly FLAT after all the steep mountain passes we’ve gone through to get here.

Beaver Lodge Beaver

A photo opportunity in Beaver Lodge, Alberta with the giant beaver

In the back right corner of this picture we noticed a truck/car wash, so we drove in and washed both vehicles and the bikes—all still connected for $15.96 USD ($21 CA) which was a GREAT deal!!!  I wish I had taken a picture of the vehicles beforehand because they were all caked with mud!

Dawson Creek, British Columbia

We crossed into British Columbia at 3:15pm and arrived in Dawson Creek at 4:00.

IMG 1541

We are now a mile 0 of the Alaskan HighwayIMG 1542

It’s hard to believe that a road 1,523 miles long could be built in just nine months in the rugged conditions that were encountered.

IMG 1546

IMG 3408

The Mile 0 Post - A World Famous Icon

June 21

Since today is the longest day of sunlight, I though it was interesting to note that Sunrise was at 4:15am and sunset isn’t until 9:48PM.  Lake Charles, LA is getting 14 hours and 6 minutes of sunlight versus 17 hours and 33 minutes of sunlight for us today.

IMG 1618

This picture was taken at 10:10PM.  This area doesn’t go on daylight savings time, which would have made it 11;10PM.

We are staying at the Mile 0 RV Park in Dawson Creek - $27.09 USD ($36 Can)

We drove 198 miles in the motorhome and 8 miles in the car today for a total of trip mileage of 4,328.