We had quite the scare this morning when Brent called to say Ben’s flight from Dallas to Birmingham had been CANCELLED!!!  I had just gotten an email  at 9:40 saying his flight from Spokane to Dallas was on time.  At 10:48 American emailed me to say “one of your flights was canceled and we were unable to rebook your trip from Dallas to Birmingham.”  I called American Airlines and was told that he could not be rebooked out of Spokane until Sunday.  I was on Tom’s phone calling our friends Monty and Renee in Dallas to see if they could get him off the plane in Dallas today.  He is now spending the night with them tonight and flying home tomorrow evening at 5:14pm.  Thank God for good friends and for Ben’s sense of adventure!!!

IMG 1275

So…we drove to the airport and I went to the gate with him and waited for his plane to take off.  Tom and I had our “The best way to enjoy summer in Louisiana is to get NORTH to Alaska” shirts on and Ben was wearing his “2018 Road Trip” shirt. Tom couldn’t go past the ticket counter because he didn’t have his wallet (license) with him.

IMG 1279

Saying “Good-bye” to the best little traveller buddy ever!IMG 1282

…and he’s off!

We drove from the airport back to the Walmart parking lot where we left the camper, hooked up the car, and headed north to Bonners Ferry, Idaho.  At the same time we arrived in Bonners Ferry, Ben arrived in Dallas and Monty and Renee were there to pick him up at the airport.IMG 1290

Ben and Monty at the airport

Bonners Ferry, Idaho

After stopping at Walmart to get the ingredients I needed to make Tom’s Chocolate Yummy Dessert, we arrived at the Blue Lake RV Resort and Campground in Naples, ID.  It’s a pretty campground nestled in the woods with lots of trees.  The temperature when we arrived was a beautiful 70 degrees.

IMG 1286

The beautiful lake at the campground.IMG 1283

It’s a shame our little chess player Ben flew home today.  He would have liked playing a game of chess.  In fact, he beat Tom this morning before we left for the airport with our small chess set.

IMG 1288Our campsite, D5

Statistics for today

We drove 88 miles today in the motorhome and 44 miles in the car, for a grand total of 3,358 miles from Lake Charles.

Our campground tonight cost $40.

Gas  for the Honda was $40.05


Numbers, numbers, and more numbers….

Since both of us are obsessed with numbers, we use this free app called Fuelly to help us track all our expenses for all our vehicles.  Each time we fill up with gas it keeps track of the odometer reading, the price per gallon, the number of gallons and the total cost.  Then we look at it and see how our gas mileage is doing—or not!  We are at both ends of the spetrum with a hybrid at home in the garage and the gas guzzler motorhome we are driving right now, but the adventure is worth it!

IMG 1293

IMG 1292IMG 1291