This morning started with me feeling sick for the 5th straight day, so I took myself into Rapid City to see a Doc in the Box.  After a full exam and some blood work, the doctor determined that I either have a viral infection or allergies.  At least I have some cough medicine with codeine to get me through the night.

This afternoon we drove to Custer State Park where we saw deer, bison and prairie dogs!!!  We had to wait along the road several times while the Bison slowly meandered across the road.DSC02305

IMG 3103

These prairie dogs were so cute!  We saw them making movements like jumping jacks, but if we got anywhere near them, they dashed underground.  



Several times we had to wait several minutes for them to meander across the road!DSC02297

There were lots of babies in the herds of bison



We drove through three tunnels created by blasting through the giant blocks of granite.


Tramway Adventure Park

After spending the afternoon at Custer State Park we stopped in Keystone to ride the ski lift to the top of the mountain in order to ride the alpine slides back down. The first time up Tom, Ben and I rode up together.  Ben went down with Tom and I walked down the mountain a little bit to take pictures and then rode the alpine slide down.  The first time Tom was on the “fast side” and Ben was on the “slow” side.  The second time just Ben and  I rode back up to the top. This time I  was on the "slow” side of the alpine slide track and Ben was on the “fast” side., Ben wiped out about one-third of the way down the mountain and got a road burn on his arm and by his knee.

IMG 0961

What goes up must come down!


Tom is riding the FAST lane!



Unfortunately, my picture of Ben wasn’t quite in focus (I forgot to use the “continuous” setting.


Here I come!