Left the campground at 9:15 in light rain and 50 degree temperatures.  100% rain predicted for the day. and it rained, and it rained—all day long.

Signpost we saw this morning:  “All those who hate speeding tickets raise your right foot!”


We saw two adult moose and two calves in the middle of a small lake, but not at a place where we could stop to take a picture.

IMG 1669Our view—before I figured out to keep my finger on the button on my iPhone and take 30 pictures to get one where the windshield wipers have just cleaned the glass and aren’t in the middle of the picture.

IMG 1829

IMG 2080

This is Muncho Lake in the rain.  Normally the water is a beautiful glacier blue, but not today.

IMG 3473

Even in the rain the scenery is quite grand

IMG 2083

The Northern Rockies Lodge.  Check out the Mermaid hanging from the ceiling!

We stopped for gas at The Northern Rockies Lodge, but at $5.39 a gallon USD (1.959 a liter CAN), we didn’t get much.

IMG 2085

These bison were right beside the road.  The campers that came behind us had to wait while the bison decided to cross the road.

Liard River Hot Springs

We were planning to stop for the night at Muncho Lake, but since it was raining and dreary, we drove 37 more miles to Liard River Hot Springs.  Even though it was raining, we parked the motorhome  for the night, changed into our bathing suits and walked the boardwalk to the springs (in our rain suits over the bathing suit).  It felt wonderful to be sitting in the springs with the outside temperature near 50.

IMG 2089


IMG 2087

According to the sign above the Army first built a boardwalk to the Springs while they were constructing the Alaskan Highway.

IMG 2086

Another view while walking the boardwalk to the springs

IMG 2094

The Liard Hot Springs

IMG 2177

IMG 2111

Trip Statistics

  • We drove 188 miles today in the motorhome for a trip total of 4,885 miles so far.
  • Gas was $5.39 a gallon
  • Tonight we are staying at the Liard River Hot Springs Provincial Park for $19.76 USD. Our campground total is $814.78 for an average of $29.09 a night.