We left York, Nebraska 10:00am and drove 245 miles to get to Mitchell, South Dakota. While we were traveling , Ben built the Penguin Arctic Roller and read.IMG 0841SD2IMG 0861



As soon as we arrived in Mitchell and parked the motorhome in the R&R Campground, we unhooked the car and drove to the Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village and the Thomsen Center Archeodome where visitors can watch archaeologists uncover artifacts and the dig stays protected between each dig. No one was digging while we were there.

The Museum features a reconstructed lodge and many of the artifacts found at the site. Ben did a quick dig set up for the kids and traded the plastic arrowhead he found for one made from quartz.  He also learned to use an atlatl that the Indians used to kill deer (at this time the deer are definitely safe from Ben!)


IMG 0860




This Indian Lodge was made with clay, sticks and wood.


Multigenerational families would live together in the lodge with the children sleeping on the dirt floor.

IMG 0852

The first round boat I have even seen and this one is made from bison hide stretched over a network of branches.


Mitchell Site Mitchel SD Thomson Archeodome Research Center 02




IMG 0855

IMG 0854

The Corn Palace

Our second site we visited today was The Corn Palace which I first visited when I was three years old.The exterior of the building is redecorated every year by local artists with murals made from corn and other grains.  The Corn Palace is used as a basketball area, community events and as a venue for concerts.Corn Palace2


We went back tonight and watched as the Corn Palace was lighted.DSC02208DSC02204IMG 0879