Day 1 -  Yesterday we drove to Hammond, LA to visit with Tom’s dad and Connie.  On the way we enjoyed lunch at Chimes in Baton Rouge with Stephen, Erin, Jonathan and Claire, and then picked up our grandson Ben in Walker to bring him back to Lake Charles to begin our vacation. This morning at 9:24 we pulled out of the driveway heading for our first stop of Lewisville, TX (outside of Dallas)  Before we left, I designed  two different t-shirts—one for Ben’s part of the trip with us (in both short and long sleeve) and one for the main theme of our trip:  The best way to enjoy a summer in Louisiana... is to head north to Alaska!  

     After making the photo frame for our wall at home with all the 50 states, I took a print screen on the computer  to make a vinyl print for our motorhome windshield with the words “ The best things in life are the people we love…the places we’ve been..and the memories we’ve made along the way."'

    We arrived in Lewisville, TX just in time for rush hour traffic, so we didn't get to campground until almost 5:00. The Lake

Lake Park Campground is very nice and the price is right at just $8 per night for us senior citizens!  Ben rode over the play area on his bike and then up and down the streets while Tom grilled the Cajun Chicken and made the pasta and salads.The weather was clear and sunny and the temperature was 96 degrees at 7:00pm.  Right I went to Walmart, Tom and Ben played chess.  When I came back from Walmart I played the digital Monopoly game and then burnt a few marshmallows for s’mores.  It felt great to come inside and sit in the A/C.IMG 0363 

IMG 0469IMG 0362IMG 0534